Flint Science Fair

Judging Criteria

Here are the maximum points attainable in each area for each division: 


  Elementary Junior Senior

Creative Ability 30 20 30
Scientific Thought/Engineering 15 20 30
Thoroughness 20 20 15
Skill 15 20 15
Clarity 20 20 10


Projects will be assigned to categories for judging purposes.

Projects that are not true experiments are very unlikely to win the FRSF. All decisions of judges are final. The Judges will examine and score each exhibit and interview each entrant on the basis of the following criteria:


Is the problem stated clearly and was it limited so that it was possible to attack it? Was there a plan for reaching a solution? Are the variables clearly defined? Is there enough data to support the conclusion?

How completely has the problem been covered in the project? Are the conclusions on a single experiment or several?  How much time was spent on the project?

Does the student have the laboratory, computation and design skills required to gather data to support the project? Where was the project done? What help did the student have? Was the equipment used built by the student or was it borrowed?

Does the project show creative ability and originality in the question asked and the approach to solving the problem? Does the project show creative use of materials and equipment?

Are the statements of the question or problem explored and results on the display? Is all spelling correct? Does the display show the effective use of graphs and pictures?


  • WRITTEN REPORT.  Be sure to include a written report. Finalists are selected on the basis of the written report and display.
  • REMEMBER.  This is a Science Fair and not an arts and crafts show. Was the experimentally collected data relevant to the Project Question/ Engineering solution? Was the Scientific Method or Engineering Method used?