Flint Science Fair

FRSF Sponsors, Special Awards and Friends

FRSF gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our Sponsors, Special Award Sponsors, Contributors, and the tireless efforts of many volunteers. It's difficult to imagine how the FRSF would succeed without the tremendous support from organizations, corporations, colleges and universities, and individuals in the form of financial contributions, in-kind services, and scholarships. Without your support and commitment to the youth of our region the Fair would not be possible.

FRSF Sponsors

These organizations support the Flint Regional Science Fair with donations of $1,000 or more in funds, or goods and services. Without their generous support the Fair would not be possible.

Special Awards

Many local and national government, scientific, technical and business organizations support our fair by making special awards to projects of their choosing. Special awards range from recognition certificates and plaques, scholarships to special summer programs, cash awards, equipment, reference books, magazine subscriptions, etc.

Friends of FRSF

Friends of FRSF include individuals and organizations in the community who believe in the FRSF and contribute volunteer services, in-kind services, and dollars out of their own pockets. The FRSF wishes to publicly thank these friends whose support truly makes a difference.