Flint Science Fair

Science Fairs -- Stepping Stones for Engaging Kids in Science


While Science Fairs can and should recognize good science, they serve a far greater purpose of kindling student interest in science inquiry. Working together we can help more kids get interested in science. Genius comes in many forms and is hard to spot, especially in kids.

SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING FAIRS offer an exceptional opportunity to enrich school programs at all levels through encouraging independent project work, developing displays, having work judged by scientists, engineers, teachers, and other professionals, sharing similar interests with other students, competing for awards, and receiving local, national, and even international recognition.

REGIONAL FAIRS, like Flint’s, bring together students from the service region and can be a great next step for students who participate in their local school science fair or for students unable to enter a local science fair.

LOCAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING FAIRS are important because every student who wishes to do so may enter a project. These are seen and appreciated by the people who know the students best: parents, neighbors, teachers, and fellow students.  Click here for information on hosting a local science fair.

The teacher is the most important factor in starting and maintaining interest in Science and Engineering Fairs- by encouraging students to do investigations on their own, either in or out of school; by helping to organize and run the fair; and by gaining support from other faculty, administrators, parents, and the community for the program.